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 Jereme Appl

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PostSubject: Jereme Appl   Fri May 01, 2009 11:06 pm

Name: Jereme

Gender: Male

E-mail/Gmail: vietsin11@yahoo.com

Date of Birth: November 25th, 1992

Vacancy: Game Master

Location: United States. Tennessee, memphis

I Would like to apply for gm if there still a spot.

1) What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy?

I believe the qualities that I have to fill this position for GM is the ability to be patient, calm, and composed in a mature manner towards other players in the server. Even if it consists of the other player cursing, yelling, complaining about things on the server, and etc. Overall, I believe that my friendliness towards others will be a good thing in being a GM. I'm sure people do not like rude GMs, and I am one of those. Also I love to help people. I am one of those people who do not leave or answer any unanswered questions unless the other person is satisfied and I stick to my word. I'm very good at pointing people to the right direction when it comes to things like those.

2) How much time are you willing to dedicate to ( the private sever)?

Right now I have a lot of fee time of my hand when i come back from school. And plus, summer for me will be in 2 weeks.. So if I am not busy doing homework, studying for tests, or doing projects I'm usually online playing Maplestory, or doing other things (most likely playing Maplestory). But for your information before finals do hit me, I might be a little inactive for at most one week JUST because of finals. It's almost the end of this this semester, anyways. So besides that, I think that I am available and I will dedicate all of my time to playing your server whenever I have the chance so that you know that I will be a dedicated member and help this loving community.

3) How would you interact and help players?

If anybody had a problem or a question in the server.. by all means of course I would be pleased to help them. That is what being a GM is all about, isn't it? (: I'm one of those people who like to hang out in the free market and lounge around until somebody has a question for me but I'm also one of those people who would love to help out and socialize with everyone. I'm not just going to go sit there in a corner, help someone out, and then leave, that would just be useless. Like I said in one of the above paragraphs, whoever is asking for help/needs help with something/has a question I will answer it. And, if they have more questions I will answer those as well. NO QUESTION WILL GO UNANSWERED! And I will make sure NOBODY gets turned down. Of course I shouldn't be the one hunting for people with questions &concerns, they are more than welcome to come up to me and I'd answer their question for them. (:

4) How would you interact and help NEW players?

That would be a great learning experience for the new player on your server and it would be a great honor in helping new players get comfortable playing on this PS (whether it is their first time playing a private server or not). I would most likely give the new player of your server a list of the commands that are available to use, tell them the rates of the server, answer their questions in a more DETAILED way instead of just saying "this is there and this is there", and most likely head over to the free market and tell them which NPCs do what, and which NPCs go where. Also, I will tell them what kind of boss summon's are in each FM room so that they are not surprised by some of the high leveled monsters that are in some of them. I won't be satisfied until they've known almost everything. (:

5) How would you deal with hackers?

Hackers are not accepted in either GMS or PS's, and either way, I do not tolerate them at all. Hackers are hackers, and there has to be consequences. If I see a hacker, of course, I would take a couple screen-shots to make sure that I have proof (if he is hacking), follow him around for a little bit and be in disguise so he doesnt know that I'm a GM. If he IS hacking I will confront him, and give him a warning. If he persists and keeps denying that he is not hacking and it is pretty obvious, I will give him one more warning. If he fails to admit to his hacking, I will permanently ban him and then post the screen-shots of the hacker onto the forums and yes, EXPLAIN why he has been banned. Oh! And if I know what kind of hack he is using, I will tell you that as well.

6) What is your experience with MapleStory (GMS or PS)?

I have actually played Maplestory GMS for a total of four years. With private servers I have only been playing them for one year. GMS was getting kind of boring for me back then so I decided to switch over to play a PS that my friends in real life had actually made (it wasnt very big becaue it was just made for us & we didn't make it public). I still continue to play Maplestory PS' because really, I'm sick and tired of playing GMS for so long. Nexon really made it bad. ): I miss the Wizet days, seriously.

7) What is your experience with GameMaster Status?

Unfortunately I do not have any experience being a GM in a V62 PS. However I would like you to know that I am a very fast learner and if you need me to know something, I'm your boy! I know that coders & people who have actually been GMs before might be chosen before me because of their experience but I would just like you to know that if you choose me I will be a great dedicated member to this server and not choose other private server's over your server.

Cool What would make you stand out from the rest?

The fact that I could probably be the most active over the other players because of the mass amount of free time that I have. Also, my will and drive to keep motivating players, helping them out, and never turning anyone down. I really love helping other people. Not ONLY on online games but also in real life as well. My personality online is just how I am in real life. And I'm not going to change anything about that just because its an online game. What would make me stand out is also maybe the fact that I'm a pretty patient person, and I don't have a high-temper. Thats just me. (:

9) How well is your english?

... (:

My english is pretty good. I'm currently 16 years old, turning 17 on November 25th and I have been living in the United States and I have been attending US schools since I was in Kindergarten. I was born in the Vietnam however, and I do speak a little bit of vietnamese (vietnam native language) but my English is pretty much close to perfect. My grammar might be off at times but I am still very very fluent in English.

10) Will you make fun of the people that weren't chosen if you get picked?

What kind of question is that?! Of course I WOULDN'T. In my opinion that is very immature and low if someone were to make fun of another person if they were not chosen and they were. It shows their lack of maturity no matter what their age level is.

11) If your best friend was caught hacking, what would you do?

Same actions correspond to this question as if my best friend were just a regular person. The same consequences would be followed as well. No matter what. I don't care if its my best friend or my boyfriend, there are completely no exceptions to hacking.

12) What would you do if your "friends" asked you for items, scrolls, etc.?

First of all, they should know that they should not be asking GMs for items or anything for that matter because they should know that GMs are not allowed to do that. If they asked me for items I would simply say, "No. We're not allowed to give out items to other people". If they keep persisting and keep asking me because I'm their "friend" then I will warn them and then jail them for persisting. They should then stop... hopefully... right? Yeah. (:

--**-- Sidenote --**--

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my application for Game Master for your server. I hope that the information above qualifies for this great of an honor position in this server, and if you end up not picking me, add my IGN to your buddylist in the server because I would be more than happy to be your friend. Although I have not played your server for quite a long time as the other players may have I hope that you still consider me even though that I don't have as much experience. If I am not picked, I will still continue to help people in your server. If I become a GM though I will do my best at it and not slack off by any means. Being a GM will make me proud. It will make me proud that I am helping you (: Thank you very much.
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Jereme Appl
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