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 EvilDemonZ is back(No errors for ryan//gunz,rs,rakion,co)

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PostSubject: EvilDemonZ is back(No errors for ryan//gunz,rs,rakion,co)   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:17 pm

Hello Members And Staff Of EvilDemonZ

I fixed the critical errors in my computer and wiped the keyloggers,viruses off my computer Smile Kool Eh???

EvilDemonZ Is Back Up Plus The Forum http://evildemonz.darkbb.com/

I've renewed my anti viruses and kaspersky 2009.

So.. about the evildemonz gunz,conquer,rakion and runescape are not getting a database wiped due to me went to Future Shop to talk to one of the workers there to fix my computer.

EvilDemonZ Maplestory is geting some items fixed from rafi and hes updating the files.

EvilDemonZ GunZ Patch v0.8 Is Released Goto http://evildemonz.darkbb.com/shooter-f8/edgunz-is-here-d-t16.htm#69 << First Posted

EvilDemonZ Conquer Database Wiped due to lack of cps.

EvilDemonZ Maplestory is while updating and npcs/items are being fixed by developer white and rafikoolz(hoster/admin) is doing the work.

EvilDemonZ Runescape's database wiped last 2-3 weeks ago.

EvilDemonZ Rakion's bugged shops are being fixed.

Join MS http://evildemonzms.darkbb.com/

Join RS Ip - evildemonz-no-ip.biz

Join Rakion - Under Maint.

Join GunZ - http://evildemonz.darkbb.com/shooter-f8/edgunz-is-here-d-t16.htm#69

Join Conquer Online - << HAMACHI!


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EvilDemonZ is back(No errors for ryan//gunz,rs,rakion,co)
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