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 a lil posible bad and good news

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PostSubject: a lil posible bad and good news   Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:22 pm

Guys, i think i got a little internet connection problem for like a week. Its caz i moved the pc in another room for a week and i had to put a 50 feet internet connection from the modem.
Lol so my 100mb/sec <--Super ultra fastest internet speed went down to like 50-60mb/sec?
Well dont worry ill still stay online but my internet is being slow now. CAnt even play anything.
Not even poor man's COD4 (combat arms Smile )

I fixed some bugs and glitches using white's help. now all the staffs can join the server which was a problem some days ago since chloe and stevenn couldnt get in.
How ever, not only me but every one who is using new source is having the same problem..
Which is not being able to pass through character selection.
The game seems to crash at that moment you select

Well koolk (titan ms source maker <--hes prooooo) is really busy right now but he is still trying to fix that bug. Titan ms 0.2.0 havent released yet but i still have it. But the one i have is not a good version. thanks to stevenn >_> he posted it earlier xD

Well i am going to pm koolk for assistance.'


RAF[ii] wuz here [^0^] (0 XXX )<
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PostSubject: Re: a lil posible bad and good news   Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:55 am

Good work cheers
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a lil posible bad and good news
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