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 Some bad news.

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PostSubject: Some bad news.   Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:10 pm

Hi there, there are some bad news going on bout the titan 0.2.0
Since the 0.2.0 will be editing and making servers different ways, we are going to change plan.
We are not going to use c++/ but we can if we want to. The reason we aint using c++ because we will be using angelscript. it is just like c++ however much stable and ezier.

Hopefully this will end some confusion.


0.2.0 is coming out VERY soon!!
heh heh im playing warrock now (i keep dying >Sad) msg me if u need ta


RAF[ii] wuz here [^0^] (0 XXX )<
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Some bad news.
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