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 Application Thread

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PostSubject: Application Thread   Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:42 pm

Applying To Be Staff?

Name :

Age :

Time Zone :

How did you found about us? : Advertising | Friends | EvilDemonZ Main Forums | Others

What Do You Want To Be? : (GameMaster , Developer , Administrator)?? !!NEW!! )

Why You Want To Be :


Do you have teamviewer(If your having problems contact the staff) : Yes or No

Did your trial ran out for teamviewer(If so contact ME ryan for the other version) : Yes or No

Do you know the ms commands for gms? : Yes or No

Do you like this company? : Yes or No

<- Others On The "Do you have is done" //////>

Quote :
Thats all you need!

Thats All You Need Give More DETAILS

Applys Will Be Keep Tracked Of EvilDemonZ(Me) , [Dev]Rafi

Spots to check are there > http://evildemonzms.darkbb.com/application-f21/staff-spotsalways-updating-t60.htm#246
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Application Thread
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